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About "Everything Fred Tells Me is True"

Philip tries to take control over his life, despite the best efforts of his friends—And that guy in his head who keeps telling him his future.


Philip is a man whose future has no secrets. His dreams are haunted by Fred, a ghostly figure with a beard and bowler hat. Through Fred, Philip's dreams predict his own destiny. Upon waking, Philip sketches personal prophecy on scraps of paper, to guide his actions until his predetermined life lives itself out. There's only one catch: Philip himself has absolutely no idea what his dreams mean.

No problem! Philip surrounds himself with people who have all the answers for what his destiny holds. His best friend Tracy (who's always right) can interpret each dream with one glance at his sketches. And there's Devon, Philip's self-proclaimed spiritual advisor and documentarian, who's an authority on just about everything.

But despite all this certainty, Fred constantly throws Philip's life into turmoil. He tells him how to find true love by being the biggest jerk he can be. He tells him to avoid Christine, a good friend of Tracy's who is completely unaware of Philip's gift, and is the one person he feels any true connection with. And on top of everything, each dream taunts him with hints that his life may be soon ending.

So how do you life your life if you know everything that's going to happen? Can you change your destiny or do you surrender to the ride? Does trying to stop it make things turn out even worse? These are the questions Philip must face when Everything Fred Tells Him is True.


Produced on no budget with borrowed equipment, donated locations, and talented volunteers who believed in the vision and story, Everything Fred Tells Me Is True features many first-time actors giving potentially career-making performances, uniquely-designed dream sequences and many funny and unforgettable characters and moments.


Alex Mills as Philip
Jessica Frey as Tracy
Molly-Kai Chandler as Christine
David Hummel as Devon
Jensen Bucher as Amanda
Alex Alessi as Drew

Words Pictures Movies was formed when Adam (Words) Dickinson, Bruce (Pictures) Meyers, and Eric (Movies) Vitner were given a month to create the short film "Territory" for the First Sundays Comedy film festival. The resulting film was a blend of their writing, art, and directing talents. This inspired the trio to spend the next year seeing how many films they could create from start to finish in a single month before finally throwing all caution to the wind and throwing all their efforts into producing "Everything Fred Tells Me is True", their first feature film. Prior to forming Words Pictures Movies, the three had previously collaborated on Radio Comedy in the WRSU Production department, and on Music Videos for "A Halo Called Fred"

Eric Vitner - Director / Editor / Producer

Eric is the winner of 2 Emmy Awards as Editor on Metro TV's "Subway Q&A" and was also a contributing Editor to Ferenc Toth's "Unknown Soldier", winner of the 2004 Los Angeles Film Festival Target Award, and the 2004 Philadelphia Film Festival Jury Award. He has directed multiple short films and music videos with both Words Pictures Movies and independently; he has created video & film media since the mid-1990's.

With a keen sense of wit, comedy and a deeply creative mind, Eric's interests and pursuits include everything from doing stand-up comedy, to political debate over a beer, to a long stint as a DJ on Rutgers' college radio (where he met Adam and Bruce) to running the Rutgers Radio station as General Manager from 1996 to 1997, to late night philosophizing about deep space exploration, time travel and the meaning of life.

Adam Dickinson - Screenwriter/Producer

Adam has completed three feature length screenplays, two of which have been quarter-finalists in the PAGE international screenwriting awards, including "Everything Fred Tells me is True" in 2008.

Adam graduated Rutgers University in 1994 with a degree in Music, specializing in Electronic Music and Sound composition. While at Rutgers he spent two years as production director for the WRSU radio, where he wrote, produced, edited, and performed in comedy skits and station promos. Other artistic accomplishments include writing, composing, performing and producing several hours worth of music for "A Halo Called Fred".

In his more mundane professional life, Adam works as a software development consultant, managing teams of developers on large scale projects in the Financial, Pharmaceutical, and Travel industries. He spends most of his day with his hands on a keyboard, either writing or developing software.

Bruce Carl Meyers - Production Designer / Producer

Having honed his camera skills in the pre-WPM collaboration with Adam's film, "Standing Tall", Eric discovered Bruce's previously untapped cinematography skills. His roles in WPM include cinematographer, lighting guy, creator of dream environments, storyboard artist, 2nd unit director and opinionated critic of all things related and unrelated.

Bruce's visual art expertise includes: drawing comic strips, illustration, caricatures for parties, graphic design for print and web, random stuff as well as naked people; all forms of painting -as public performance, murals on walls, and hand-painting clothing; and making super-8 movies with rubber spiders and stop-motion Star Trek figures.

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